Study the questions and answers in the Question Pool.

You must put onto the forms either your Social Security Number (SSN) or your FCC Registration Number (FRN). We strongly urge you not to put your SSN onto the forms.   If you already have an Amateur license, your FRN is on your license.  You also can find it on the FCC's ULS web site, under your call sign.  If you do not have an Amateur license, but have another FCC-issued license issued in your name such as GMRS or Maritime, use the FRN associated with that license.
If you do not have an FRN, register for one at the FCC's ULS web site .  Click on Register and fill out the blanks.  You will be issued an FRN.  Copy it from the screen and use on the NCVEC-605 form (see below).   Also save the password you create; you will need it whenever you want to change your mailing address, and to renew your license on-line.

The next two paragraphs deal with obtaining certain forms ahead of the exam date, filling them out,  printing them, and bringing them with you to the exam.  While not strictly required, this will save you time at the exam.  Plus you are less likely to make errors on them due to stress on exam day.

Download the NCVEC-605 form. Type into the form your name, address, etc., all applicable blanks above your signature line.  Print the form, and bring it with you.  Note: On this form, if you do not have an FRN, you have the option of using your Social Security Number (SSN) instead of an FRN. We strongly recommend that you not use your SSN, because of the risk of identity theft.

Download the Answer Sheet.  Type into the form your name, address, etc., all applicable blanks above your signature line.   Paying attention to the printing instructions in this file, print at least one copy.    We recommend printing at least 2 copies, maybe 3.  If you pass the exam you came for, you are eligible to take the next level exam that same day for no additional charge.  If you fail the exam you came for by one or two quuestions, you may take another version of the exam for another $15 test fee.

Bring the following to the test session:

$15  Exam fee.
The P1 Pahrump team only: exams for people 17 years old and younger are free.

Proper identification, preferably a photo  ID with your signature.  (Normally applicants provide driver's license or student ID). If you do not have photo ID, we will need to see two forms of ID.

Your completed NCVEC-605 form and Answer Sheet(s).

If you presently have an Amateur Radio license, we will need to see the original. Plus we need a photocopy to send in with your exam results.
If you have a CSCE or credit from a previous license, we must see the original. Plus we need a photocopy to send in with your exam results.

If you are applying to have a long-expired license reinstated, we need proof of your old call sign and license class.  We need a copy to send in with your application.  For help in finding this proof, contact the exam team leader (Exams Dates and Teams).
Pen and pencil.
You may bring a calculator as long as the memory can be flushed before you take the exam. Calculators within PDA's, cell phones, and computers are not allowed.  The P1 Pahrump team has a few four-function calculators for loan during the exam.